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SamulNori festival, high school group, 2014 (Photo: Keith Howard)

SamulNori festival, high school group, 2014 (Photo: Keith Howard)




[There’s] a real problem in terms of the continuity of traditions, and you could say, “Well that’s OK, it’s natural, music always changes.” The problem is it’s not really an even playing field, it’s not as though these are just disappearing, they’re being disappeared: there’s an active process in the disappearance of many traditions around the world.

Tony Seeger

This Sound Futures website is a key outcome of a project called Sustainable Futures for Music Cultures, funded by the Australian Research Council (2009-2014). Sound Futures responds to the call of UNESCO, the International Music Council, the International Council for Traditional Music and other organisations to urgently develop ways to support music cultures across the world.

The project:

  • Looks at the dynamics of music traditions
  • Considers how they might be re-positioned in the modern world
  • Highlights some of the challenges for music cultures in the current global environment
  • Generates practical tools to assist communities in forging their own musical futures

These ideas resonate with current views expressed by leaders in music research, at conferences and in the press. We hope these tools are user-friendly resources that individuals and communities can draw on to help keep their music strong for future generations.

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