About us

The Sound Futures website is an outcome of Sustainable futures for music cultures: Towards an ecology of musical diversity, an international research collaboration realised over five years with substantial support from the Australian Research Council from 2009-2014. Many leading music scholars were involved through the project’s Research TeamSteering CommitteeInternational Advisory Board and Website Editorial Board.

Sustainable futures was conceived to counteract the loss of music cultures by identifying key factors in the sustainability of music genres, and making this knowledge available to communities. It was carried out as as a partnership between seven universities and three NGOs across three continents: Griffith UniversityThe University of Sydney – Southern Cross UniversityThe University of WashingtonSOAS / The University of LondonThe University of LundUniversity of Otago  – Music Australia – World Music & Dance Centre – International Music Council.


Launch of Sustainable Futures in May 2009 with Hyelim Kim, Jiao Yen Bell, Dheeraj Shrestha, Huib Schippers, Kelly Varma, Wang Yu-Yan, Nicholas Ng, and Pham Thi Hue.



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